Friday, August 03, 2007

respectful architect

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Apparently, I am a respectful architect. Huh? *

What I really enjoy about this personality test is that it says I am a person with average empathy (magenta), slightly high masculinity (corn flower blue), and average femininity (yellow).

Now, personally, I have always found myself to be on the femme side of the great Femme vs Butch Debate. Guess I should start wearing men's undies or something.

Also, I always thought my empathy levels ranges in the mid to high co-dependent area, but looks like I really am the cruel cold-hearted bitch I always feared I was. Maybe fearing it is what turned me into it. Oh, how zen.

Take it yourself at PersonalDNA,

*There was a whole explanation of what an Architect is and what Respectful means, but it was slightly sentimental, and therefore boring, so I left it out. Ouch! My cruelty reveals itself again!

But really, when do these tests ever say "You are a complete grade A dick who hogs Metro seats and flicks boogers around your house for your roommates to clean up" ? If no one ever tells these people the truth about themselves, do they really exist? Zen!