Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ring a ding ding

While trying to explain the presence of a ring on my ring-finger the other day to a curious friend, I realized that I have succumbed to wedding fever.

Unless you have physically seen my hand in the past few months, you may not realize I wear a ring. A glitzy, sparkly, wedding-type ring. I didn’t make any kind of formal announcement, only told those select few who happened to see it and ask or were related to me.

Here’s the deal.

I wear a ring. It was given to me by the Special Lady Friend. However, she did not ask me a question when she gave it to me and I did not answer any questions, spoken or unspoken.

So, why do I wear a ring?

Because all of my girl_space_friends (you know, girl friends but not in the lesbian sense) got rings! They all got engaged! A few even got married! The post-college crowd became the pre-marriage or married crowd and, frankly, I wanted in!

I went to weddings and I saw beautiful things and felt beautiful emotions. I went to rehearsal dinners and planned bachelor parties, bought wedding presents and cocktail dresses, and got a little drunk with emotions of the caring and commitment variety.

Then, I had a little conversation with the SLF that went a little something like this:

Me: I think, one day, I could marry you
The SLF: [Splutter! Cough!] Uh, what?
Me: You know, one day. Down the line. Not like, now or anything
The SLF: [Deep breath.]
Me: …
The SLF: Okay.
Me: So get me a ring. But we’re not engaged.
The SLF: Okay.

Its like a promise ring, except not in the icky way Papa Simpson bought Jessica Simpson a ring to ensure her promise not to have sex before marriage. Its more like, I wear this special ring on my special finger to say I have a special lady friend, and we’ve got something special happening. Not, I repeat, not engaged.

But maybe, one day, married. When none of you are looking. For now, I’ll just punch her in the arm, call her “doody face”, and run away. Its how I roll.

Here is a blurry shot of my aquamarine and diamond ring. Aquamarines are not my birth stone, I just like them. It was also on sale. See how not engagement this ring is?