Friday, February 01, 2008

more updates: kitteh!1!!!11!

I got a new kitty! A kitty of LOOOOUURRVVEE!!

Her name is Lola, we adopted her from a PetSmart that had rescue cats. PetSmart adoptions are awesome cuz you don't have to jump through any hoops, just fill out the paperwork and take her home. However, PetSmart adoptions aren't so awesome when your cat comes home with a variation of "Kennel Cough" and sneezes boogers all over your house. And your face. Because she is so cute that you were smooshy oooshy oogle doodle poodling your face to her face on the bed and she, being a cat, doesn't cover her muzzles when she sneezes.

Kitten boogers are awesome, though, because they come from KITTEHS NOM NOM NOM!!1!

Her nicknames include:

  • Lolapop
  • Lol-lee
  • Schmitzy Fitzy McKittenpants
  • Fluffy bunnykins
The SLF and I had a hard time picking a name. I really really wanted to go with NOM NOM NOM* but the SLF said no way. However, by naming her Lola, we get the intense pleasure of singing the Copacabana song by Barry Manilow in the following ways:

Her name is Lola
She is a KIT-TEH
La la lah la-la-la-lah lah

At the Copa! COPACABANA!


La la lah la-la-la-lah lah

*If you aren't familiar with Lol Catz speak, NOM NOM NOM is the sound of you eating the cute kitten.