Thursday, March 06, 2008

dinner and a movie

I went to the new Target that just opened up in my neighborhood. Oh, lovely, oh splendid, oh wondiferous Target! How I adore your sparkly shelves crammed with all the things I never need but feel compelled to buy simply because they are all located in the same place.

Here is what I bought:

  • Frozen, single-serving DiGornio's Cheese Pizza - because the SLF was out and dinner was on my own
  • Frozen Southern Style Tyson's Chicken Nuggets, to compliment the pizza
  • 4 servings of Fage 2% Yogurt for work breakfasts. Target carries greek yogurt! Woot!
  • The AristoCats, new special edition from Disney. Everybody wants to be a cat because a cat's the only cat who knows where its at.

Here is what I looked at but did not buy:

  • Real Simple Card Wheel - I'm considering wallet replacements
  • Garden Planter Kit for growing Kitchen Herbs - they didn't have an herb combo I liked. I mean, who the hell wants Marjoram? What the hell is marjoram? And until this point, I've always referred to it as "marjojam". Yay, spell check!
  • Many, many books - although not as many as other Target's have. Boo.
  • Many, many other movies
  • Ice Cream - No Skinny Cow, so I said No.

I glanced longingly at the following aisles, but said No and held firm. If pay day was yesterday and not tomorrow, I totally would have caved.

  • The scrapbooking aisle
  • The school supplies aisle
  • The music aisle
  • Electronics
  • Music
  • Clothing
  • Pet Toys and other cutesy pet things - not food or litter, or anything associated with responsible pet ownership.
  • Furniture

Additionally, I overheard disdainful U-Street-esque Hipster comments and wanted to punch some people. All in all, an exceptional Target Experience.