Thursday, April 03, 2008

la di dee, la di dah

My online music listening habits have only recently blossomed into the world of podcasting. Because I'm one of those geeky types that disdains new fangled things, obvs.

Here is what I have been doing lately with mah internets time:

1. The NPR Music site and the "new" flash based music player. Whereas before you had to download and listen to each MP3 from All Songs Considered separately, now you can add the songs you want to a playlist and play them anytime. Screw you and your musical opinions, Bob Boilen! I'm just gonna listen to the songs!

All Songs Considered -

Some of my favs:

P.S. This is "new" as of like, last year.

2. The Geeks on Geekson! Four geeky dudes, with the occasional presence of another lady geek, dish teh geek for an hour. This show even makes me enthusiastic about gaming. I actually initiated the playing of a video game with the Special Lady Friend just the other night. And if you ask me to play cards or a board game, I may not spit on you now.

Maybe. No promises.

Geekson! -

I recommend:
And if you haven't figured it out, YES, I have been diligently going through the ARCHIVES of these podcasts because I love it SO MUCH.

3. And on the topic of geeky podcasting, I have started listening to the DiggNation MP3. Its actually a video podcast (vid-cast? video-cast? whatevs.) but I listen at work, where the watching of online videos all day is frowned upon. Silly work.

DiggNation is two dudes reading out the top Digg'd stories and commenting on them. They are McNerds. I heart them. I don't have any favorites because I just started.

Diggnation -

4. And lastly, Swedish Hip Hop.

My cousin Bjorn (not a pseudonym! Rawk!) is a break dancer and totally into hip hop culture. But he lives in Sweden. Therefore, his hip hop is quite often Swedish. He showed me a funny video that him and his friend (probably named SvenLars Svensson-Larsson, HA!) did to some Swede hip hop song that I actually sorta enjoyed.

He refused to tell me his You Tube account, so I can't show you my cousin, but I can share the music.

Thomas Rusiak - HipHopper

Don't worry, I am actively searching YouTube for every video featuring this song just so I can track down my hip hoppin' cuz.

For more Swedish Hip Hop, check out the web radio at Frizon, (literally, plz look to the left side for the "web radio" button).