Monday, April 14, 2008

so true, it hurts

"No, most librarians are very bitter, very mannish 65-year-olds who hate you for your unwasted youth and vitality, and show it by acting completely resentful when you ask them to do some semblance of work. Like postal workers, I'm sure they got into library sciences for a cool summertime gig, but, when life continued to pass them by like out of a scene in George Pal's THE TIME MACHINE (picture it!), they found themselves on the brink of death and have nothing better in their lives than to take it out on you. It's like living in a waking nightmare, I'm sure.

Luckily, in the next 20 to 30 years, through the use of computers, we'll happily phase out the librarian and their sourpuss mugs. Electronic search systems will help us find the book, and, much like in many grocery stores now, you'll self-checkout the book. Yes, at least in this respect, the future of your local library just got a little bit brighter."


The 5 People Who Make Me Hate the Public Library