Thursday, July 24, 2008


All events portrayed in this IM conversation are real. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Read more about the storm.

Frisboy: who's flooding?

Me: Me, i did!
the house was inundated last night

Frisboy: for reals?

Me: yeah, i mean not totally inundated
but a couple of inches in the kitchen

See the color difference in the red brick? That's the water line on the back stairs. When I stepped off the last stair to inspect the storm drain, it was up to my knees. Most of that water did not actually get in the house, THANK YOU JEEBUS.

Frisboy: but moistened?
good lord
are they taking care of it?

Me: the back storm drain failed with all of the water and there was a foot and half outside the door
lukcily., only a few inches came into the house
my landlord is fixin it

At the end of the night, we were left with mud and assorted soaking wet towels piled here and there.

Frisboy: that's good, although it would've been funny if you opened the door and it was like the elevator scene from the shining

Me: i almost did and it almost was

Frisboy: ha, well no one told me living in a basement wasn't as glamorous as it's portrayed on tv

Me: i opened it slighty, to investigate why water was coming in -- stupidest tought process ever-- and the water was like WOOOOSH

Frisboy: haha