Monday, August 11, 2008

wrong or right

I need some help people. I need a judgment call.

Please tell me, is the following item so wrong, its right or is just plain wrong?

Chanel Limited Edition Gold Fiction Nail Polish

Yes, that is nail polish made with 18 ct. GOLD. Here is bloomie's description:

Nails captivate with the look of 18-karat gold. Brilliant golden lacquer with the finest sparkles delivers a precious new way for nails to shine. Limited edition.
Now, do I want to own REAL FUCKING GOLD nail polish for the cost of $30 bucks?

I mean, $30 bucks, that's a hardback book. I don't often buy hardback books, mainly because my father instilled in me a deep aversion for buying hardback books. They are expensive. You can get it from the library for free. Whatdoyoumean, you want to read it more than once? You can get it for free at the library!

But, on the other side, 30 friggin bucks? For real gold nails? For the walking around in this life, right here, this regular old normal life, like some kind of modern day Cleopatra--- with real gold on my nails?! How could I NOT do that?!