Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election review: these past two damn long years

I'm so over this election. I was over this election two years ago when it became obvious that the 2008 election was gonna start in 2006. In early 2006, I thought to myself, can these assholes really make a campaign last two years? By mid-2006, I was fatigued and worn. At the dawn of 2007, I entered into a deep and lasting apathy that pretty much ruled over everything until this morning, when I voted.

Clinton's pant suits and lessons in Sexism 101? Yawned my way through it. Jeremiah Wright? Snore. Obama is a muslim? Couldn't care less. Democratic primaries? Stayed home. McCain's air quotes of disdain? Nope.

I just really didn't care.

"Aha," you say-- "but what about Sarah Palin? Surely, surely, like any good feminist democrat lesbo recycling intellectual, you frothed at the mouth at every 'You betcha!' or 'Drill, baby, drill!'"

Let me anecdote you as an answer -

A month or two ago, the Special Lady Friend and I attended a birthday party slash Obama fundraiser. Hipsters and neighborhood folks mingled uneasily over beer and burgers until a Sarah Palin pinata was strung up. The crowd practically set that pinata on fire, so great was the collective rage, and I? Well, I could barely muster a lifted eyebrow. My apathy even affected my ability to express ironic and sarcastic disdain, which frankly, is pretty much my entire way of life. I express ironic disdain, therefore I am.

Except this morning. When the smallest, saddest, littlest flame of hope that this country can be better, that this people can be wiser, that this nation can be stronger, and safer, and I could live, just maybe, without fear, burned to life in my heart and I hit that Obama/Biden box.