Wednesday, February 04, 2009

music review - Lady Ga Ga, Kanye West, and Atmosphere

Somewhere in my Internet journeys yesterday, I came across, which for the time being, seems to allow some free --and legal-- access to streaming music.

I say for "the time being" because a lot of these free music sites quickly come, are quickly served with scary threatening copyright infringement letters and lawsuits, and then just as quickly go. I, personally, am ambivalent about digital music legalities. On one hand, I like free stuff. A lot. And I'm kinda cheap. On the other hand, I support the right of artists to make money off their creative juices. On the other other hand, I don't exactly weep for music executives and multi-million dollar musicians loosing out on money.

Dear music industry, you turned music into an equation for profits and now it sucks. Exhibit A: Paris Hilton. That's why we don't want to pay for it. Wake up and smell the digital revolution. Love, Center.

My ambivalence about digital music has gotten me to the point where I'm not actively participating in illegal download schemes anymore. But I'm also not actively purchasing music either. I've been relying on NPR's music site to find and hear "new" music and then order the Special Lady Friend to buy stuff from iTunes. So, as far as music is concerned, I'm kinda slow and behind the times.

Anyways, my minor poking around at the LaLa site shows the following important point: you can stream an entire album, once, for free. I'm in!

Yesterday, I listened to Lady Ga Ga. She did a live performance on one of the New Year's Eve shows and I was impressed, because for a party-type performer, she's actually got a voice. Yesterday, I confirmed that Just Dance is fun. I danced in my seat at work. The rest is, eh.. electronic. I probably won't be purchasing it, and therefore, thanks for letting me figure out how to spend my big ole librarian dollars!

Today, I did Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak. He doesn't really rap on this album and I missed it. From the reviews I have read, its supposed to be all deep and introspective. Mainly, all I noticed was that vocoded voice shit that Cher made popular on that shit song, uh, Strong Enough? or Believe? Whatever. The shitty one. And I don't really want to think of Cher when I listen to Kanye West. So, therefore, I will keep Late Registration on my outdated MP3 player and not purchase 808s! Thanks, again!

This morning, its Atmosphere's When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold. Ok, first of all, "you paint that shit gold" ??? Hell yeah. Now that is a philosophy to live by. Secondly, the beats were so good that I immediately turned it up. Third, hey - this shit is kinda deep. And dark. Its like everything Kanye West's 808s should have been, maybe? And, like, maybe I will buy it? Ok, maybe I will stream every other available Atmosphere album on LaLa and then, after I have pinched every damn penny from this site I can, I will buy it.